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Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Bear Thread Designs The Applique Pressing Sheet"

This Applique Pressing Sheet will allow you to fuse your design together  as one unit using your pattern underneath as a guide. 18"x20"   Polylon Non-Stick surface. A Transparent Reusable Non-Stick Pressing Sheet,CraftSheet, or Pressing Cloth.      $22.00---Very handy to have, no more sticky stuff on iron or ironing board.         

Diane and Holly

"Dritz 65 Extra Large Thumbtacks

You will find these tacks useful for mounting tacking strips to a wooden quilt frame. Extra large heads make tacks easy to insert and remove. Rust Resistant-----65Pieces----$4.75----Drop in and look them over.

Diane and Holly

"The Swirl"

Another 10 sided shape can easily be accomplished with the New Jewel Box tools. The Swirl Quilt is made with an array of rainbow fabrics. Instructions in booklet form with full color graphics.  So simple to follow.  You'll be proud!!!!-----JEWEL BOX TOOLS----GemTen and Gem Five are required.  45"x47"

Have fun making it and see you soon ---

Diane and Holly

"The Supreme Slider"

The original pure Teflon top slides with zero fricton, and now has a new self sticking underside."The Supreme Slider"clings and is easy to remove. Just three easy steps to successful machine quilting.!!Attach the free motion-foot, lower the feed dogs, position the Supreme Slider on sewing bed with the needle centered in the pre-punched hole.  Fits any machine and can be trimmed with scissors.  Includes free quilting designs.

Noted authors and quilting teachers give it "thumbs up"!!!!   Give it a try--$29.98.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Gems Five and Ten Tools"

These are the new Phillips Fiber Rulers---Two Jewel Box Tools.--- A "Gem Ten and a  Gem Five".Both tools are screen printed and made from 1/8" acrylic.     $18.00 Check these rulers out.

Call or drop in----

Diane and Holly

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Banded Agate"

A ten sided shape, new to the quilting world,can easily be accomplished with the New Jewel Box tools. The Banded Agate is made with linear fabric.Instructions are in booklet form,with full color graphics.  So simple that you would be amazed.  Patterns will be in very shortly.Jewel Box tools:Gem Ten and Gem Five are required.45"x47"Drop in  ---Diane And Holly

"The Village At Chelsea Lane"

This is a magical place where quilts bloom like gardens.Houses are made of soft appliques, and whimsical flowers reach up to the sky. Pretty flowers, good stories, and the joy of creating something lovely and fun. Six projects include" The Black Eyed Susan "wallhanging--"Down The garden Path "quilt,----"Town Square" quilt,---"Chelsea Lane Market Bouquet"table runner,"The House on Chelsey Lane"wallhanging,and "The Messenger Bag"tote/purse.  40 pages-

Diane and Holly


Sixteen little baskets make up this picnic party.  Make with your reproduction fabrics or small prints.Just the right size 34"x34".  Fun to make up and easy to do.  Table cloth, wallhanging or baby quilt.

Diane and Holly

Monday, March 28, 2011

"Criss-Cross Quilt"

This quilt is assembled using a quilt as you go technique.  You complete the quilting as you assemble each block.  Sew blocks together, and you're done.  What could be better than that? ---Runner, Crib, Lap or Twin size.    

Diane and Holly 


Cover ImageHere are 26 of the cutest sewing projects from the whimsical world of designer /artist Mary Engelbreit.  Her deliteful artwork fills this book with adorable home decor projects, sewing notions, and precious baby stuff,along with kitchen and dining accessories.Full size patterns are tucked in a pocket inside the cover.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"Sunday Best"

Another "Schnibbles"small quilt ---37"x37"---An old quilt block -"Bow Tie." Border is small piano keys.A sure winner to make for a new grand child.  

Diane and Holly  

Patterns will be here soon!!!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Hare Affair

This cute little pattern will make a  29" x 34" Wallhanging or table topper.  It could be worked in wool applique or as a quilted piece.  I love the nice shapes of the bunny and the flowers.  Make it up for an Easter Project, before the rabbit eats the flowers.----See you soon----

Diane and Holly

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Fons Porter Quilting Grip Gloves"

These gloves make quilting and sewing very easy.  Grips on the fingers and palms allow you to hold fabric securely and guide where you want it to go.  Reduce tension in neck and hands.  They are machine washable --100% cotton.  They come in small, medium and large.  These are in stock!!!!  

Diane and Holly

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Little Red Snips"

I think you will find these little red snips very handy for clipping threads or other light cutting operations.  Ball-bearing construction featuring quick action spring return and precion ground blades. Can be re-sharpened. They will be in the next notion order.                 Diane and Holly           454-2572

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Carrot Buttons

9292PADo you know any little snowmen or snowwomen that are looking for" CARROT NOSES"? We have some packages coming in.  Best to call and reserve them as they are going fast.        

Diane and Holly

Friday, March 18, 2011

Quick & Easy Romantic Quilts

It's easy to create scrumptious color blended quilts -quickly and easily.  They are simple blocks for fast piecing. Includes 8 designs,color photos,diagrams,patterns,and complete instructions.Beautiful book for your library.

Diane and Holly

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miss Rosie's Spice of Life Quilts

This book has a beautiful collection of quilts-----True Blue, Ginger Belle, Double Duty, Home Sweet Home. Whirlwig, Elizabeth, Raise The Roof, Open Door, Jellystone,Three Coins, 501, Opening Day, and Going Buggy. Charming and amusing stories are also included to explain how Carrie named each quilt.Original quilts like these add happiness to your hobby and lots more flavor to life.It will be in Thursday  or Friday of this week.----Come in to see it ---- Diane or Holly----

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A pattern for 2 different quilts---"Don't be Cruel & Hound  Dog ".Lot's of pieces to put together here.Take a try at it!!!!   Diane and Holly

Monday, March 7, 2011


Hang this little 5.5"x19.5" birdhouse on your little wire hanger. sure sign of spring!!,and welcoming the birds back.On our sample we put little buttoned tabs instead of a pocket.----- come in to check it out----Diane and Holly

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Studio color Wheel

Color inspiration is every where you look!---This beautiful color reference poster is based on the "Ives Color Wheel",the definitive  color resource for over 100 years.Visual at a glance ,companion to our ultimate 3-in-one- Color Tool. Includes complete instructions for how to use the wheel.    - Nice for your sewing room-Diane and Holly

"Cascade of Quilting Essentials"

You will enjoy these bags after you get them made.Carry your  24"mat board and rotary cutter in The Mat Carry Bag.All your rullers nestled  in the Ruller Wrap Bag.Your fabric fits in the ,Pansy Patch Fabric Bag.The Quilters Tool Belt has a pocket for a MP3 player plus plenty more space for what ever else you want to carry.This book will be in the next book order.We do mail order on our books.----Diane and Holly--phone or e-mail or drop in

"Jelly Roll Quilts & More"

Make fun ,fast, and fabulous quilts!!.Kimberly gives alternate yardage for every quilt .Great book for beginners."Try This "section offers creative idea's, design suggestions, humorous stories,anecdotes and tasty recipes.96 Pages Every one needs to add this to their liabrary!! Be here next week.  Diane and Holly

"Gadgets that the Guild Girls Really Like"

I wanted you to know that I can get most of the gadgets from my notions suppliers.I place  a notion and book order at least twice a month.We are giving 25% off all book orders!!Just call me if there is something that you want a price on.  454-2572  There's a lot of new books out there and also notions.I will look up some of the gadgets and do some comparing of prices,and let you know my price.Non guild members  will get the same discounted price.The price of the"BARGELLO HEART"quilt book is $19:98 can also order it by calling the store 454-2572  or e-mail me at  Diane and Holly

Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Fast & Furious-Quilt As You Go"

Beginner friendly table runners,placemats,baby quilts ,coaster and bags you can make from fatt quarters,strips and squares.17 Fast and Furious projects for any occasion.When you finnish sewing it's all done!!!This is a fun book.Come in and check it out---Diane and Holly

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Crazy Curves Continues"

This new book features the 7inch curves template and the 3.5inch Small Paths template.completely redone,This book features over 20new quilt patterns using the 7 or 3.5 template or both.Step by step cutting and sewing directions.-------Diane and Holly ---------Drop In Soon!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Dressed to Chill"

To add whimsey to your decor -this book has four wintery wall hangings and three pillows ---for beginners to intermediate.Drop in soon--Diane and Holly