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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Wine and Dine"

Wine And Dine
This wine tote is divided so you can carry a bottle of red and a bottle of white .The lunch bag has a beverage holder ,silverware holders,and plenty of room for lunch!!..size is wine 7"x13"x3 1/5";lunch x9"x8"x3 1/5".....Diane.....

" I'd Be Quilting Tote"


A great tote pattern for all your crafting and sewing needs.It also makes a great overnight bag,diaper bag,and more!!Side pockets,sturdy handles.Easy to sew and detailed instructions.....Size 17"long.....Diane.....

"Stained Glass"

Chose a bold stripefirst.Then asolid lattice fabric.Add scraps,and scraps,and scraps.Two size variations.finished size....62"x62"or 83"x83".....Striking!.....Diane.....

"Square Deal"

Use your scraps in this easy-piecey project.That's the deal.Finished size 59"x71"Very pretty in blue......Diane......

Monday, May 30, 2011

"Jen and Jenny Garden"


This is a wonderful small quilt.Charms pieced together on the side.......Long stemmed flowers with birds, pinwheels,and star flowers on top.Fresh look and a new style to try......34-1/5"x40-1/5".....$10:00......Diane.....

"Bridge Creek Blossoms"

Bridge Creek Blossoms

Use 2-1/5" strips for these simple,strip-pieced flowers.Great for jelly,Twin, Queen,King....Diane....&10:00each

"Donder and Blitzen"

Two of Santa's reindeer have their tree all up and trimmed.Their little bird friends are enjoying it also.Done in your country colors.....with stars across the top border.Very nice!!!......Diane......

"Garden Kisses & Hugs"

This is the perfect quilt to hang on a wall or throw over a couch on a hot day.Done in country colors ....the blackbird enjoying his wattermelon,country baskets,flowers,and bee hives.....Country reds,greens,tans and blacks are the colors to use here......Diane....

"Dance of the Snow Angels"


What a cute runner ----angels and little birds---scolloped edges on both ends.Made from the prettiest blue wool.There's also a pillow to go with it....$8:00ea.....Diane.....

"Annies Calendar Quilt"


One different Annie for each month of the year....Grt out your muslin and embroidery floss and get started for the new year.......$10:00ea......Diane....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time to get some Followers and a Give-away!

I've been working my blog now since New Years.   I really enjoy hearing from customers that they are reading my blog and enjoy all the new products that I post about.   

As summer approaches, I thought that now is the time to have a Give-Away for those who leave comments and follow my blog. For a chance to win the pattern " Super Simple Sweatshirt,  by Turkey Track Designs" , simply become a follower by clicking on my Follow button on my sidebar and then leave me a comment to say that you are Following.  If you are a follower already, just leave a comment.    Be sure to leave me a way to contact you.
I will draw a winner from all the comments on June 15th. ---Diane--

Lovely Pre-cuts and Fabrics"

We have received our shipment of  "LOVELY"We have received more charm squares and jelly rolls and lots of beautiful fabrics.Call and we can save them for you........Diane........

"Stipple Sticher Guide For Control of Tiny Stippling"

1/4"Machine Quilting Guide for control of tiny stippling.Fits the hopping foot of all major quilting machines.Fits around the hopping foot and allows for easy hand guiding to the finest detail. Easier and better than using the standard handle controls of the quilting machine. ....$28:00....Diane....

"Frixion Pen Ass't Fine Point"

Bold marking ink that completly removes with heat-no residue.Great for marking patterns and lines.No residue.No smudgeing or fading .Black,Blue,Red,Pink Purple,Orange.---"HEAT ERASE" $19:98ea-----Diane------

"Circles Template Set"


Use circle templates for concentric circles,Baptist Fans,and assored arcs.Set of 6 circle templates in the folling sizes:2",4",6", 8",10",12.Packaging includes instructions for:-- use,safety,tips,and design ideas.-------this is a pre-order---Diane---

"1 1/5 Height and 2"Repeat Curve Design Longarm Template"

1/4"thick template.The placement guide allows you to see and check placement of the stitch line.The Machine Guide has the gripper strip and is used to stitch the line.A pattented chart determines which width is recommended for perfect corners.                 ......Diane......

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Jingle All The Way"

HO HO HO ;Who wouldn't go?Join Santa in sharing the joy of Christmas with fun projects for the merriest seasons!Includes unique decorative screens ,wall ornaments,and quilts,gift wrap bags,a bell pull and much more.---Diane---$18:98ea less your 25%

"Count On It"

Celebrate the year by counting each day of the month or enjoy the anticipation of counting down to your favorite holidays.Decorate for birthdays wih a "Birthday Quilt"displaying their age or count down to their special day.Add a Happy Birthday Garland",the names are interchangeable!Give a welcome to a holliday party with a pot stake banner.----Diane----

"Bargello Color Wheel"

The "Bargello Color Wheel "pattern and tool that is with it came in on Thursday.Very interesting--very nice.   After market drop in to see it.----Diane----

"Quilts ,Bibs ,blankies...OH MY!"


These loveable collections of nursery accessories have everything you need to give charm to a childs room--a crib quilt large enough for toddlers; plus wall quilts,bibs,drag-around blankets,soft pictures,and growth charts.Make that special child a  whole room full of love.------Remember our books are 25% off---Diane---

Friday, May 27, 2011

"Irish Chain Table Runner"

What can I say about this pattern?This Irish Chain Runner will bring a classic feel to your table.Very nice in blue also!---Diane---

24Gore Skirt Pattern"

This skirt is a fabulous addition to any wardrobe and looks great in cotton for every day wear,rayon for a more sophisticated look or even soft evening fabrics for a mere formal look.So fast and easy it can be made in 1-2 hours.---One pattern piece--rolled hem--elastic waist(stitched in).------Very Beautiful!!! Diane---

"Butterfly Bloom"

This striking quilt starts with strips and ends with butterflies and blooms in each square.The many colors make the quilt sparkle!    25 strips for --Throw 66"x66"--42 strips for --Twin--76"x86"--"King--106"x106------$11:00--Diane--

"Color Falls"

this stunning quilthas a bargello effect,But since it's put together in blocks it's not as hard! Picking fabrics:Collect them in groups of four ,ranging from light to will also need background and border fabrics.Throw;58"x77"--Twin 73"x93"--King 103x109"-----Diane---$10:00

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chock Full O'Charms"

Use charm packs or cut your own 5" squares from scraps,fat quarters,or fat eights to make this easy quilt.The charm squares are set as straight rows.the quilt is then cut and re sewn into an on point setting.There are no diagonal rows of different sizes. No setting triangles and No corner blocks.Our technique makes On Point sets a snap. --Baby52"x52"Lap62"x65";Twin 67"x93";Queen 93"x105";King 105"x105"---Nice easy pattern -Diane--

"Bargello Tree Skirt Pattern"

Bargello panels are used to create this intricate design tThat will add a delightful accent to your Christmas Tree.This pattern is for intermediate quilters.----Diane----        64"Diameter

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"The Woods On A Snowy Eve"

This is a real country scene. A prancing horse,pulling a loaded bob-sled on the crisp snowy trail through the woods.          41"Wx54"L    Diane    phone--- e-mail---drop-in----


LW13This is a real piece of art--Can you imagine using "Bali's" with all the thread painting and embellishments on them.$11:00 each----Diane----

"Summer Trellis"


You could use a bali-pop for this quilt.You would get the variety in the colors. Pretty teals--blues--purples and pinks.---$11:00ea---Diane---

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"Three Swallows"


These three swallows are swooping and flying around.We don't see swallows very often now,so a nice wall hanging would keep them in our minds.--17 1/5"x48"L-- $11:00 ea  -----Diane-----

"A Twinkling X'Mas Pair"


Make these two 8"x18" banners to perk up and bring enthusiastic cheer to your holiday decor.Make them now and have them ready for next Xmas Season.----Diane----11:oo each--

"Chocolate Raspberry Twist"


You'll like making this old faithful pattern in  your next quilt ----Size78"x is 54"----Diane----

Monday, May 23, 2011

"Something Fishy"

Reel in pike,bass and perch swimming in McKenna's Hoffman fabric designs----Sand In My Shoes and Daisy Mae Batiks.Turtles mosey among eel grasses and minnows;a big mouth bass lunges     toward a fly.You'll love the finishing details too,a fishing licence,glistening line ,and real button-up-rubber boots. Don't be in a hurry when you do this quilt and then you won't be overwhelmed by it all.------Diane ------

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"Box Step"

Boxes are hot!! This pattern is perfect for fat quarters.One background fabric(yellow in the sample)makes the pattern come alive and the randomness of the squares add that contemporary touch.Throw Twin Queen and King sizes included.$12:00 ea-----Diane-----

"Autumn Braid"

Pick a theme fabric with lots of color.Pick braid colors to match the theme fabric.Twin takes 40-2 1/2"strips;50 strips for a queen.You can use fat quarters without piecing.One fat quarter or quarter yard strip will yield the equivalent of 3strips.--Twin 72"x80" Queen 88"x80"----Diane----e-mail-phone-drop in--or call--

"Cake Mix"


You can use one Layer Cake  and one Jelly Roll or fat quarters or strips.For the large squares you can use 1 layer cake bundle or 15 fatt quarters;for the strips you can use 1 Jelly roll or 12 quarter yard cuts.-----77" X 91"---$ 11:00ea---Diane---

"Trade Winds"


This is a strip club  pattern and you will use your strip tube ruller.Directions are for Wall Hanging,throw,Twin,Queen.$10-00ea Diane 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Book Tote"

If you're looking for a tote for your heavy books and other stuff, then this is the tote for you. Long straps for your shoulder. ---Diane---

"Pen Pal"

Keep your pens and pencils handy in this slim, trim pencil case!Cute made in those scraps also!---Your kids and grandkids would love this little zippered case.---Diane---

Friday, May 20, 2011

"Circle In A Square"


Make a 48"x60"quilt out of your hand dyed fabrics----circles and squares is all it is and then do a top stitch around the circle edge. Great as a wall hanging also!!--you could change the size easily---------Diane--------$12:00ea

"Pie and Ice cream Table Runner"


Three blocks could easily be added on to make any size---wall quilt to bed size quilt.Very nice pattern--a change from straight lines.   Size is---straight 12"x34"------$ 12:00----Diane----

"Families Are Forever"

Our families are what matters most.Here are some fun reminders of how to put our family first with this fast ,fusible-applique quilt pattern. Very Cute and fun to make for a gift.---Diane---

"Creative Grids----2 1/5"and 3 1/5"squares"


Easy to read,--black and white marking.1" grid with 1/8" and 1/4" increments.Includes  90 degree angle.Turn a Round feature.Embedded  Gripper holds fabric while cutting. Exceptional quality!!    We will have 2-1/2"and 31/2"squares in our next notion order(next week)They are great rulers!!---Diane---

Thursday, May 19, 2011

"Rotary Cutter Carrier"

Made of durable insulated material.Includes swivel clip and drawstring with toggle. Doubles as a drink holder...Diane..

Raggy Rails " Quilt As You Go"

This raggy quilt is made up of squares and strips sewed together.Very easy to do. Made with homespuns flanels or cottons.....Finished size is 57"w x 69" l, or you could make                             ........Diane........GE104

"Rotary Cutter Case"

Portable,easy to carry.Perfect for class or home use.Made from durable nylon with lots of different tools, not just rotary cutting......1 left in stock......

"Quilting Notions--Tool Roll"

Includes one removeable vinyl pouch.Includes mesh and vinyl pockets  inside.Rolls closed for easy storeage. ..Diane...           

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Bias Press Bars"


A set of various sizes: 1/8"; 3/16";1/4";and 1/5.All are 12"long and made of heat resistant plastic.Used in applique and quilting to make evenly formed bias tubes.These come in very handy---in stock---Diane---

"Superfine Pins"- Size 20 1-1/4"long


Made in Switzerland,these extra long hardened steel pins are nickle-plated with super sharp points.Especially good for all fine fabrics. Won't leave holes or bend out of shape.There is 5ooo count in nice tin can.

"1/4"Piecing Foot With Guide"


Are you  looking for a 1/4" piecing foot?    Front tapered  portion is 1/4"on right edge,and 1/8"on the the left edge for perfect seams when piecing or quilting. Feet are also marked by lines along side edge of foot to be used as a reference for starting, stopping or turning---                                               Diane

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Charms-"Spool and Sewing Machine"


Two more charms to add to your braclet
or put on your sewing wall hanging.                        Diane