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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Bucky's First Day

After I finished work today hubby and I took Bucky  out on his first outing...Our first stop was to take him to the Heritage Center parking lot to help the boys sell Christmas Trees...(We just got there and it started to pour and got too foggy) Bucky forgot his rain coat so he got pretty wet...any way he had a great time and met some of the boys...
then we moved on to the *Old Cotton Mill*and struggled to get a decent photo in the fog, mist and rain ....Bucky is the light coloured splat down under the letters VI...We are rained out again...Headed to Barkers Point to the *Hyla Nature Park*  in behind the Baptist Church...It's raining hard... but we're not finished for the day yet...Bucky wants to keep going...tomorrow will be a busy day,  visiting lots of places and this little fellow wants to see more...This is all for today...Diane...

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