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Friday, August 30, 2013

*Gingerbread Square BOM * Block #1: PEPPERMINT ARCH HOUSE

This is our newest Block of The Month that we are going to do...It will be starting in October/2013...It will be very exciting to do a Christmas embroidery...The designs are done soo nicely...Give me a call or email me...Quilt size is 68 3/4"square...What could be better than Victorian Gingerbread?  Crayon tinting adds so much depth and life to the oh so simple embroidery,with just enough sparkle to make it extra fun....give me a call...Diane...


  1. Omg,so cute. sign me up. I'll be over on Tuesday morning.

  2. May I please have the information on this BOM, how to purchase and how much?