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Monday, July 21, 2014

*Bendable Bright Light*

This small flexable light provides extra lighting without taking up any counter space...It snaps into an adhesive bracket that can be mounted onto your sewing machine  to provide pure white light for your detailed projects...Up to 100,000 light hours,120 volts ...One mounting kit included...  THE ARE IN STOCK NOW!  Diane    


  1. Oh, Linda H. says this is the best investment she's made. Light is so important.

  2. LOVE this light! I have one and wouldn't want to be without it. Ever.

  3. Dianne, thanks so much for the Bendable Bright Light! I didn't think I needed it, but that was before I started using it, and now I don't want to sew without it. Fabulous quilting tool -- everyone sewist needs one! Jeanne Kaye