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Thursday, February 23, 2017

*Bessie Mac Neil*

Here is Bessie on her 2nd birthday.  She loves her new sweater that Great Grammie knit for her.  She can't get her glasses to stay on .  Diane

Monday, February 6, 2017


This is the finished quilt that we are getting the fabrics for   A real winner.   You can pre order if you like.    Diane

*O Canada* Patch Abilities Pattern

At last our new Patch Abilities Pattern has come via our Canadian Supplier.   It is very easy to make using the  fusible applique method and blanket stitch around all of the stars and maple leaves.   Great to make as little gifts for everyone to celebrate July 1st and hang on your lawn    treated with UV rated and water repellant iron on vinyl finish     Diane everything is in stock now 

*MAPLE LEAF FOREVER* quilt Pattern

What a beautiful panel this is!     We will have the complete line of fabrics to make this quilt.   Wear it proudly on July 1st-2017.    Call me or email me to inquire about it.   Diane