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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Presenting our Row for 2017 - This Land is Your Land

It's Canada's 150th.  We too are celebrating.
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The name of our row is "This Land is Your Land". Our row depicts a voyage across our great land, from Bonavista to Vancouver Island. As you pass through each of our provinces and territories represented by the maple leaves, notice the different sizes and colors. While different, each is a very important part of the fabric that makes up Canada. 

Many thanks to Gail Mitchell who designed this row and did a great job on our shop sample. Without her expertise it would not have been as lovely as it is. 

We are still open by appointment as I will be in the hospital for a few more weeks.   Holly took a lot of stock to her place after the Woodstock Quilt Show, and you can see it between her classes.  You can email me     or leave a message on the store phone.  Special orders are being looked after.  Be sure to drop into the shop on or after Wednesday, June 21st when the Row by Row program begins.    We will have our free pattern and kits of our row.

Enjoy your travels this summer. We are are anxious to see you!   Diane


  1. 14 maple leaves? Does the big red leaf represent Canada?

    1. yes, you are right Sheila it does represent Canada. Diane

  2. Can I set up a time to come pick up three row on row kits? I have family out west who are dying for them!!